Intuitive Animal Communicator

About Me




Since a little girl I grew up surrounded by animals, let it be the ones at the zoo I visited every weekend or the ones in my neighborhood who I took care of everyday. My heart was happy when I was around them. I was about 5 years old when I knew I was communicating with animals. They become my best friends. One of my favorite childhood memories was bringing the animals at the zoo their favorite snacks. Intuitively through visions, feelings and thoughts they would show me what they wanted each week (more to come on this topic on my blog posts). 

It was 10 years ago while waiting for my father in the hospital that I fainted and hit my head hard on the floor. This event changed my life forever. When I fainted my spirit detached 80% from my body. I could see my spirit gathering with the help of the Healing Angels. While I was gathering my energy I was becoming aware of my surrounding. My energy was a warm golden color and I felt complete peace and unconditional love around me. And then memories of my life and who I was started coming back. I felt such love and appreciation for myself as a human. I had a sense of knowing I had yet to experience unconditional love. It was in this very moment that I knew I had to come back to my human body no matter how complete I felt in my spirit form. So I asked to have the blessing of the Healing Angels to bring me back to life so I could fulfill Ana’s journey. I wanted Ana to know how it feels to love unconditionally. Within a split of a second I was back in my body and awake. 

The following year after this event occurred I met my cat, Kismat. The love I felt for Kismat is like nothing I had experienced before. It is through loving her unconditionally that I found myself again. The time I had with Kismat was of immense growth through the love we shared for one another. It is during her last wishes when Kismat was preparing to go back to heaven where she asked I share my intuitive gifts with the world. She wanted me to be a voice for the animals. Kismat’s love was redirecting me towards the path that I was meant to take. This is where my journey as an animal communicator began.

As an animal communicator my mission is being a voice for the animals. I offer intuitive sessions to help them get their messages across to you. I work with animals who are alive, in transition or passed. During a session I will share messages that I receive in forms of thoughts, images, feelings, energy, words, knowing, and emotions. I believe animals in our life are here to help us learn how to love unconditionally and be our best selves. By communication with your animal you will deepen your connection and discover what soul lessons they are teaching you. You will also get the chance to ask them questions. Their love can change us in ways we had never thought possible. Listen to your animal and transform your life.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. I look forward to working together in the near future. 

Light & Love,