Intuitive Animal Communicator

What Clients Say About Their Session With Me


Ana's intuitive gifts are absolutely amazing and connects with animals on many different levels. She has helped me with my childhood dog that went missing and was never found. After many unanswered questions and scenario's running through my mind for years, I finally got the chance to speak to my dog through Ana and found out what happened all those years ago. I have had readings with Ana concerning my 'heart' dog that passed away several years ago to help with my grief and concerns. Currently, she is doing readings for me with some behavioral changes in my current dogs. I highly recommend Ana Pollo to any one with questions they may have concerning their loved ones.  - Danielle H.

It was a truly amazing experience to re-connect with my old pet and family member, Bailey. He was my black lab of 12 years and I loved him so much. Ana knew our history together, his personality traits, his likes/dislikes, and even described how I used to greet him. Wow...I was amazed! I also got to ask him how he was doing and tell him how much I miss our time together. For anyone who has loved a pet and is looking to get in touch with them again, you need to let Ana work her magic! A truly wonderful experience that will leave you uplifted.  -Matt C.

I recently booked a session with Ana. My interest was to check in on Murphy and greet him on my behalf. My impression of Ana was that she's personable, knowledgeable and professional. The experience was insightful and heartwarming the more we spoke. Ana didn't know what kind of animal he was, but soon enough she knew! I smiled plenty when she talked about his appearance and she was accurate! He has black eyes, black curls and floppy ears. She said this dog takes pride in sharing love and receiving love and being part of the family. What made me feel sentimental the most was when she said Murphy remembers seeing me sad at one occasion and that I shouldn't be. I was so impressed by this experience, Ana was able to bridge a connection to Murphy. When I think of him, joy creeps into my heart. As the saying goes "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Thank you Ana, you brightened my day! I will be calling you again.- Vitore C. 

Ana has been a spiritual blessing for me.  Her reading was absolutely divine.  I was able to connect to my beloved cats; Shamu, Kiki and Blondie. This will always  be a memorable reading because in it I was also able to connect with my mom who passed on Feb.18th 2015. She described in detail all of my beloved animals and mom who have gone to rest.  This was an amazing reading.  Ana is very talented in her field of Animal Spiritualist and guide.  I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in finding out more about their pet whether living or deceased.  She knows how to communicate and pass on the connection and bond to anyone that is wanting to explore the inner soul of their pet.  -Mercedes S.

I wanted to better connect with my cat Sebby, who always seemed so aloof and difficult to read (typical cat). Now especially with the addition of two more furry friends to the family, I wanted to be sure how Sebby was feeling and for him to know how much he means to me. The reading by Ana was so spot-on, it was eerie! Not only did she seem to get an accurate reading of me as a person, but on Sebby, everything from his personality to him adoration of his mane and bed. I truly feel even more bonded with Sebby, and we seem to better understand each other. I cannot thank Ana enough for bringing my Sebby and me even closer!  -Maria V.   

Ana was able to pinpoint the relationship that I have with my cat Miles almost instantly and describe his personality to a T. She was able to explain why he does certain behaviors and how it relates to me. It helped me understand these actions and what he is trying to tell me. It was an enlightening experience, something everyone should do with their pet.  -Jen K. 

I had my pet communication session with Ana, it was amazing. I've been missing my cat so much, I haven't seen her in 10 years. When Ana connected with my cat it really felt like I was taking to my cat. My cat shared with Ana she feels good and there were no health concerns. I would certainly recommend a session with Ana to everyone who cares to communicate with their pets. Such a wonderful experience! -Ziad. E

My animal reading with Ana Pollo was amazing! She was able to connect on a deeper level than I ever imagined possible and pass on to me the guidance I needed during a difficult time. With the guidance I received from my dog I was able to direct my life in the right direction and what an improvement it has been so far. I am grateful for this experience. I highly recommend Ana! -Kristi K.

Ana, thank you, so much, for the reading with my cat, Henry!! I've always said that we get each other and are both a little quirky; it's amazing to know that he thinks so, too! I've been struggling with depression, a lot, recently and yesterday was particularly a difficult day. Being able to get that meaningful and loving message from him at such a perfect time was such a blessing! I can't thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful gift! You have a beautiful talent and I really do hope more people get to experience it for themselves.  -Sarah B. 

My session with Ana was great. It was informative and enjoyable. I was very impressed by how spot on what she said was and how helpful the session was overall. Ana was able to answer my questions and help me connect more with my cat. It was such a positive experience. I would highly recommend her services, you won't be disappointed! -Amy H.